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Tanya Swinimer and Ian Poole
73 Penny Lane
Stillwater Lake

To whom it may concern:

This letter will acknowledge the excellentquality and service provided by Quantum Developments Limited in the constructionof our home at 73 Penny Lane, Stillwater Lake.  

It was a great comfort to usto know that Joseph Hanna, President of Quantum Developments Limited was lookingafter our needs right from the design of our house plans down to quality constructionof our home. Mr. Hanna is both creative and honest when designing house plansto meet your requirements and during the construction phase of your house. Shoulda problem arise during construction, Mr. Hanna will present you the home ownerwith all possible options, the costs associated with each and any resulting effectto each option. This kind of reliability and honesty is hard to find in a contractor.  

Weare now in the process of building a shed and have again retained the servicesof Quantum Developments Limited.  

We have recommended the services of QuantumDevelopments Limited to both family and friends and would have no hesitationin recommending him to you for any construction needs or requirements. Shouldyou have any questions regarding the quality service provided by Quantum DevelopmentsLimited, we would be happy to answer your questions. You can reach at 826-9552.  


Tanya Swinimer and Ian Poole